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We've released Recent News for iOS and Android

I'm proud to say we've just launched Recent News, our iOS and Android app that gives you personalized news in just a few minutes. I left CNET to co-found Recent in early 2014, and we've been designing and engineering the app and recommendation engine ever since.

I left tech journalism and returned to software development in part to build a smarter news app for myself -- lots of news apps were pretty to look at, but they weren't as smart and fast as they should be. And they didn't offer a one-minute overview of news tailored for me.

The result is Recent News, which we think of as news powered by artificial intelligence. Recent News' recommendation engine is smart enough to learn your interests, suggest relevant articles, and propose topics that you may like. It supports phones and tablets with cross-device syncing, so you can bookmark articles on your phone and browse them later on your tablet. And -- this was a feature requested by early users -- Recent also supports easy export of your history and bookmarks. We're proud members of the data liberation front! :)

Thank you to our early users for helping us so much. Our alpha testers were brave enough to use a buggy early version and kind enough to tell us what didn't work. Our beta testers helped us to polish Recent News and make it more intuitive.

A special thanks to Gene Hoffman, Elissa Shevinsky, Sean Lynch, Justin Maxwell, Brent Nordquist, James Cridland, and hundreds of other early users who were generous with their time. My co-founder and I hope you enjoy Recent News as much as they do!

 Declan McCullagh is the co-founder and CEO of Recent, a startup that aims to transform mobile news reading through artificial intelligence. He lives on the San Francisco peninsula.